Flexible GST Invoices

The invoices are fully compliant with Govt GST Invoice guidelines. Interface is flexible enough to accomodate Sales, Services and consolidated bills on a single page.


No Download, No Installation

Being an Online Software, you are not required to Download and Install it. Be independent. Generate and view bills from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Device Independent

No Maintenance

Stary tension free. No data loss on Windows or hardware corruption. Your Invoices and Inventory are safe with us and is online 24 X 7 X365. Happy Invoicing.


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Enjoy machine independent, Hassle free, Flexible and Robust Invoicing with us. !

Goods and Services Tax - A Revolution in the Indian Economy

On 1st July 2017, Indian President Sh. Pranab Mukharjee and Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi announced the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) as a revolutionary step in the economic history of our nation. GST assures that there is no repeat implementation of taxes on the same product at differnt levels.

In order to support this initiative under Digital India, we hereby present the GST Invoice Builder as an easy-to-use GST driven invoicing system wherein you can create invoices for your customer in just few clicks. There are numerous features which would facilitate your business to a great extent. Some of them are detailed below:

More than Just Billing

Sales, Purchase, Stock

A complete solution with automatic management of your Sales, Purchases and Stock status. Just add purchases / generate invoices in few clicks and leave rest of the activities on the software.

Fully Archived

Easy to Bill

Generate Sales, Service and Consolidated bills in just few clicks. Select your items, fill in customer details and its done. View and Download all invoices anytime, anywhere your want from any device.

Stock Spy

Watch your stock

Keep eye on your stock even when you are not on the counter. Just login to your account and keep track of what is being purchased and sold in your business by your workers.

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This responsive software facilitates your invoicing process with great ease.


Data Security

software for gst

The software is highly reliable and secure. With the implementation of data encryption mechanisms at various levels, we ensure that your data stays safe and only yours.


Printing and Archive

Download the Invoices anytime, anywhere from Invoices Archive. We keep your invoices safe in Invoice Archive for long term use. Cancel any invoices that are not useful. Download Excel Summary.

gst invoicing software

Automatic Calculation

gst billing software

Just fill in the Item, Quantity and applicable taxes, leave the calculation part to us. The tool does precise calculations of IGST, CGST, SGST, CESS and provides accurate billing amount.



The layouts are fully responsive. May it be Laptop, Tablet or Mobile, you will not feel a lack of attractive user experience. Ease of use is highly assured.

software for gst billing

Online Access

gst tax software

The software is available Online, thus keeps you free to access it from anywhere, anytime. no need to buy a costly software, just register and start creating your invoices.


Free Updates

More features are in the pipeline and we will provide updates free of cost. No software / account setup fees, No maintenance charges. Just hassle free invoicing.

gst taxing software

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions.

What is the idea behind GST Invoice Builder ?

Supporting the Digital India initiative, this GST billing software is developed to facilitate the common businessman in his routine Billing Work in compliance with GST guidelines and standards. The idea coined as Online GST Software and now we have added Offline and Customized modules too so that every businessman can enjoy billing in an easy and reliable manner according to his needs.

How GST Invoice Builder works?

It is GST software that is available both in Online and Offline modes. With this software, you can manage your purchases, sales, stock and Invoices in a highly user-friendly environment. With just a few clicks, you can complete all your routine business Inventory and Sales management in real time.

What can I do in this software?

In this GST billing system, you can:

  1. Add / Edit / Delete your Purchase List.
  2. Add / Edit / Delete Items and Services in your Inventory.
  3. Add Quantity of Items in your Inventory.
  4. View action history.
  5. Monitor Stock status.
  6. Create CGST/SGST/IGST based Invoices for Sales and service in just few clicks with Auto calculation of taxes and final amount.
  7. Create CGST/SGST/IGST based Consolidated Invoices for Sales and service in a single bill in just few clicks with Auto calculation of taxes and final amount.
  8. View, Cancel and Download printable PDF of your invoices in Invoice archive.
  9. Manage your Profile.

Should I go for Online or Offline mode?

This GST billing software is available in both Online and Offline modes. However we strongly recommend the Online mode. Why? Because Online mode does not require any installation on your PC/Laptop. This mean even if your windows or hardware is corrupt, there will be no data loss and there will be no need of reinstalling the software. Additionally, you will not be bound to yor device. Just use Mobile or any PC/Laptop, connect to Internet and enjoy the Freedom of Invoicing.

Is it possible to download the invoices?

Ofcourse. This GST invoicing software is available online 24 X 7 X 365. All your Invoices are maintained in a dedicated Invoice Archive that is visible in your account only. Just go to Archives page and click Download to get an Offline copy of your invoices. There are no limitations from our side on the use of your invoice copies.

How can I submit the details to my Chartered Accountant (CA)?

This Best GST Software provides you a facility to download all your sales reports in the form of Excel sheet through a single click. Just select the from and to dates for which your want to get the sales report and give the generated Excel to your CA.

Is my data Safe and Secure?

Absolutely. This GST inventory management software maintains your credentials and all the details including bills in a highly safe environment. The website is SSL driven and hostred on highly secure servers monitored by fine tuned Firewalls and Policies. The information is stored in Encrypted form so that nobody other than you can access any piece of your data.

Can this software be customized according to my specific requirements?

Yes. Although this GST stock management software provides everything that a business needs in general, still there is alway room for improvements and additions. Our team is open to suggestions as well as specific requirements. With some nominal charges, we will customize the solutions just for you and will provide your exactly what you want.

Do I get Training and Customer support?

Absolutely. Our team is always ready to assist you. Although this is an easy to use GST software with a highly user-friendly interface, still if you find any difficulties just drop us an Email or Call us on 7206630663 and we will provide a live demo of the portal so that it is easy for you to handle it.

Do my Invoices ever gets deleted?

No. With this easy to use GST billing software, we are providing 100% Free Invoices backup facility so that you never loose your invoices under any circumstances. Our team takes regular backups of your PDF files which can be provided to you on request.

Can I have a Trial before purchasing my License?

Yes. You are facilitated with a Free Trial of 15 days to use this software for GST bills

What is the price for Online Mode?

We have to spend a lot on maintaining your bills on Online Server which including expenditure on Domain, Web Server, Web Hosting, Data and Backup Management. Still, being dedicated to provide best in class service on cheapest possible rates, we are charging only Rs. 5499 6499/- for first year and Rs. 1999/- recurring for 2nd year and onwards. This includes Account Setup and Maintenance fees. Future upgrades on your subscription will be provided free of cost.

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GST Invoice Builder is a one stop tool for all your Invoicing and inventory Management Processes. Enjoy free registration with a 10 - days free trial. Have some hands-on with the tool and decide. Its a Win Win situation. Then why wait.